Strawberry Cheesecake Bites


What better way to start out my blog than with something cute, extremely easy to make, and easy on the wallet as well.

I saw this recipe on my Facebook newsfeed about a week ago, and have wanted to try it ever since. Here is where I got my recipe from:

Let’s get started by re-posting the recipe. Since I was cooking for 2, I cut the recipe in half, but these things are so good, I am regretting only doing a half batch! Here’s what I did:

Half of a 1lb container of Strawberries….. $1.49

4oz. Generic Store Brand Cream Cheese….. $0.84

1/4 cup Generic Store Brand Powdered Sugar….. $0.12

3 Honey Graham Crackers…..$0.22

1/4 Teaspoon of Vanilla

Total Cost for this Dessert: $2.67

  Note: Vanilla was not a factor in this cost because it’s just something I already had in my pantry and it lasts awhile. It’s a good investment if you don’t keep it in your kitchen.

Step 1: Centers, be gone!

Get a small knife and take the centers and tops off of the strawberries. Most strawberries don’t have anything in the middle, so you might get lucky and have less work when carving your strawberries. In the end, they should look like the picture below:20160708_205623

Step 2: Create the filling!

If you do not have a magic bullet, I suggest getting one. They are the perfect little college blenders. Perfect for smoothies and everything else you may want in life that can be blended. SO. GREAT. Anyways, you will want to put your cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla in your blender, and blend it to a nice smooth icing consistency, as pictured below. Make sure there are no chunks in your icing or else piping in the next step will be a hot mess.

No blender, no problem! Get our your handheld electronic mixer and start mixing until it is smooth consistency like the picture above.

No Blender or electronic mixer? Please invest in one. You will need it someday. Just buy it now.

Step 3: Pipe that Cheese

Now that you have your strawberries ready to go and your cheesecake filling smooth, shove that filling into a Ziplock bag. Make sure you get the filling into one corner. Once the filling is into the corner, you can cut the tip of the corner off, and start filling up your strawberries. Here is what mine looked like all piped up.

Now that the Strawberry is filled with cheesecake, there is only one thing missing: Graham Cracker Crust!

Step 4: Crush the Crackers

Put your 3 Graham Crackers in a Ziplock Bag and crush them into tiny little crumbs. You can do it anyway you want. I took the water bottle I got at my college orientation and ran over them like a rolling pin and that seemed to do the job nicely.

Step 5: Apply the Crumbs!


Just did the top of your strawberry (filling side) into the graham crackers crumbs and you’re done!


This is a pretty simple, cute, fun dessert. If you don’t have the patience to make a cheesecake but want to do these, it’s a pretty good substitute. And the best part is…you can eat them as soon as you are done making them. YUM.

And as college kids, we are always worried about how many dishes we have to clean once we are done. Well, because of my magic bullet and the beauty of paper plates, I only had 4 dishes to clean when everything was said and done.

This is seriously the perfect college kid recipe; Easy to make, only $2.67 to make, and only 4 dishes!


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